Receive full support, every step of the way

Jane is a family law barrister who is authorised to practice by the Bar Council and is regulated by the Bar Standards Board. She has a right of audience in every court in England and Wales. Jane undertakes public access work and appears on the Bar Council Public Access Register. She also accepts instructions from solicitors in the traditional way.

When couples separate, financial and child care disputes often result and for many individuals the legal system is daunting, confusing and expensive. Jane is an expert who steps in and helps her clients take back control of their lives and move swiftly towards a more positive, settled future.

T: 01484 660124

Why use a public access barrister?

Jane’s clients undertake the straightforward work themselves leaving the difficult parts to Jane. In this way, they save money on legal fees and they remain fully informed at every stage of their case.

Pay as you go – The fixed fee for each stage of the case or piece of work is agreed in advance and in writing. You can ring or email Jane to obtain a quote. Jane’s fees are quoted exclusive of VAT.

No charge is made by Jane, for reasonable email traffic/updates and telephone calls in between hearings. Every email is promptly responded to, usually on the day it is received. Flexible appointment times are offered. Jane works around her client’s work and child care commitments holding evening conferences and occasionally, she meets with her clients at the weekends.

For a clear explanation of how the public access scheme can work for you go to the Bar Councils explanatory document – Public Access Guidance for Lay Clients

Examples of family law work that barristers may undertake:

  • Analysing the case papers and identifying the issues, strengths, weaknesses and gaps
  • Providing advice and direction at each stage, at court, at face-to-face meetings, by email and on the telephone
  • Drafting documents e.g. letters, offers, position statements & skeleton arguments
  • Representation at court
  • Persuasively and effectively negotiating
  • Preparing for and/or assisting clients at mediation
  • Representation at round-table meetings
  • Preparing Appeal documents
Jane Sisson-Pell Barrister Huddersfield

Jane’s approach

Jane is a good listener, treating her clients with the respect and dignity they deserve when they are speaking about very personal, often upsetting family matters. From the outset she is keen to identify and focus on the real issues in the case.

She brings her mix of common sense, objectivity and reality to the legal issues which may appear overwhelming to her clients. Thorough preparation in advance of client meetings ensures that all meetings are well structured and highly effective with no time wasted. Jane provides sound and realistic legal advice ensuring that her clients feel well supported and clear about the way forward.