School Appeals

Jane Sisson-Pell, Family Law Barrister

Jane represents parents who choose to appeal the decision of the School Admissions Authority.

Jane explains school appeals

When parents decide to appeal, Jane knows that the outcome really matters to them, their child and often to the wider family. Jane works hard to achieve a successful outcome. The parents who contact her want their child to be happy at their preferred school and to have the best possible education and to fulfil their unique potential.

School places are allocated in accordance with the Admission’s Authority policy. If your child has been refused a place at your preferred school because the year group is full, you have the right to appeal to an independent appeal panel. If you have decided to appeal, you will need to act quickly because there is a deadline for lodging appeals.

“Dear Jane, Thank you for all your help and support throughout the appeal process. I am very happy with the outcome and look forward to [my daughter’s] new school. She can’t believe she is going there!….” Mrs K

Every case is unique

When Jane is preparing for the school appeal, she scrutinises the appeal papers to check that the School Admissions Authority has followed the correct admissions procedure. Every case is unique. Jane works with the parents looking at their child’s individual circumstances. An appeal may involve medical reasons, bullying or transport to school issues. There are host of other valid reasons for an appeal. Jane prepares a persuasive case, identifying the strengths and weaknesses and the key points to be pursued in order to advance the best possible case at the hearing. Within 5 days after the appeal hearing, the parents receive written notification of the appeal panel’s legally binding decision.

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Jane is authorised to practise by the Bar Council and is regulated by the Bar Standards Board. She has a right of audience in every court in England and Wales. Jane can be contacted via the Bar Council Public Access Register.

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