Client Testimonials

Jane’s clients give their feedback

“Absolutely above and beyond”
“Thank you so much. I am very aware that you did absolutely above and beyond what I expected and frankly paid for. I am very grateful for your quick thinking and all you help and support.”

“A real professional”
“Dropped lucky with finding Jane through a friend, as she is an amazing person as well as a fantastic barrister. Honest, down to earth and straight to the point of getting court done and dusted. A real professional and theres no way I can thank her enough. Thanks Jane.”

“Warmest, wisest star”
“Dear Jane, Thank you. It’s wonderful people like you that keep people like me going. You are the warmest, wisest star in a horrid legal system”

“Amazing throughout, so committed”
“Jane picked up my case at very short notice and fortunately was able to rearrange her diary and fully commit herself to my case. Her understanding of quite a complicated case was astounding. She offered great advice and was able to negotiate a settlement, which saved a lot of stress. I’m so pleased Jane was able to represent me and would not have gotten the outcome without Jane by my side. I can’t recommend highly enough.”

“Exactly what I was looking for”
“I sought Jane’s help in the middle of a horrifying family court dispute in which I could lose much. She took the most complex of situations in hand immediately and steered me and my case through six months and two court hearings to a conclusion, which was exactly what I was looking for. Many years ago, there was a time when it was thought I would go into politics. But I learned that my ability to be diplomatic, think strategically to play the ball and not the man; well, it was not always my strong suit. However, those attributes are among Jane’s greatest skills, suits and gifts. When I begin the precious direct and unsupervised contact with my beloved 4-year-old son [in the next few days], it will be down to the excellent decision I made in contacting Jane for professional guidance and expert legal help.”

“Jane is a true professional”
“After almost two years of getting nowhere … my daughter needed advice on what to do about the financial problems with her divorce. We contacted Jane. Oh wow! … In the 10-minute telephone call we received more information and positivity than we had had in two years. A meeting quickly followed and Jane took over. She worked tirelessly to get the case ready for court and we ended up with a great result. Jane is a true professional. She is caring. She is thorough. She is funny. She does not take no for an answer. If we were marking Jane out of 10, we could not give her less than 12! What a joy to meet such a wonderful lady.”

“Legend in the courtroom”
“I know I’ve probably said it a few times but you’re a diamond. And a legend in the court room. Thanks again Jane. I know it’s your job but you absolutely shine….If we could we’d pay your weight in gold we would because you are that good.”

“Thank you for all your help”
“Thank you for all your help in this case. I think you have made my ex wife very unhappy that she’s not been able to bully me to get her own way. So once again, thank you.”

“Such passion for her work”
“I start by saying what an incredible woman! Having given Jane only seven days’ notice prior to my court hearing, I really didn’t think she would be able to take on my case at such short notice, but to my surprise she did! Throughout my first meeting with Jane, I really warmed to her and she made me feel as though I could open up and talk to her about anything and everything. After two years of fighting my case with the representation getting way out of control and getting nowhere, I came across Jane, who I just wish I had found on day one. In my eyes this lady is a true godsend who brought back my confidence and since being in touch with Jane, everything moved forward. l honestly couldn’t have asked for a better person to represent me. A beautiful lady with such passion for her work, who I very highly recommend. ‘Thank you’ just doesn’t seem enough. Seriously Jane. What a woman you are.”

“I would highly recommend Jane”
“After four years of battling through courts and being represented by barristers and solicitors who don’t seem like they are on your side or interested in making an effort for you, I would highly recommend Jane and if I ever needed help again she would be my first call. Jane Sisson-Pell worked incredibly hard while representing me. I had an initial call with Jane and sent relevant information over. It was very clear on the first day of a 1.5 day trial that she had spent time studying the bundle for every detail. I was very impressed by Jane and felt I finally had someone standing up for me and making the court aware of the lies and accusations made against me, time and time again, trying to stop contact. Jane is a very approachable down to earth lady who is easy to work with. Thank you Jane, I wish you all the best for the future.”

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