About Jane

Jane Sisson-Pell, Family Law Barrister

Jane is a specialist practitioner in family law. She provides legal services for individuals who contact her directly under the public access scheme and also when she is instructed by solicitors in the traditional way.

Her client meetings are highly effective. No time is wasted, the issues are identified and progress is made. Jane represents her clients at court, in mediation and at round table meetings. Jane is a strong negotiator, robustly asserting her clients’ case and working hard to obtain a fair deal.

Jane’s background

Jane obtained a Law and Politics (Hons) Degree in Manchester, achieving the highest examination marks in her year. She then completed the Bar Vocational Course at the Inns of Court School of Law, London. Starting her career at Broadway House Chambers, her practice included public and private family law cases often involving appearances in both the High Court and the Court of Appeal. Representing divorcing husbands and wives at financial hearings often involved business ownership and shareholding, inherited wealth and family trusts.

Due to her child care commitments, Jane needed regular hours and local travel. She therefore moved to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). Starting as a Prosecutor, she was soon promoted to the role of Senior Crown Prosecutor. Appearing in court almost daily, Jane also undertook casework reviews and created and delivered national CPS training courses. As a result of Janes’ extensive legal knowledge and expertise, she was one of the first few prosecutors nationally to be selected for the flagship service known as CPS Direct. Jane’s particular area of expertise was domestic abuse. Whilst there, she became their Domestic Violence Co-ordinator. In her free time, Jane volunteered weekly, providing family law advice at the Kirklees Domestic Violence Partnership.

When Jane was promoted to Her Majesties Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate (HMCPSI) she became one of a team of lawyers inspecting CPS Areas, nationally. Joint inspections with other Criminal Justice Inspectorates included inspecting HMRC (Carousel Frauds) and Customs and Excise. Whilst at HMCPSI, Jane was was a key figure in the national Criminal Justice Rape Review, an active member of the editorial group for National Safeguarding Children Report 2008 and a member of the Bar Council Equality and Diversity Sub-Committee.

And now:

Jane is a sole practitioner. She returned to private practice and set up her chambers practising exclusively in family law, which is and always has been her preferred area of practice. Cases involving children require sensitivity and care. Jane is passionate about achieving positive outcomes for children, parents, step parents and grandparents, ensuring that there is the minimum delay, hostility, and expense. Jane also works hard to support her clients in financial remedy proceedings, ensuring that they move matters forward swiftly, achieving a fair outcome and bringing financial certainty back into their lives.

Jane also enjoys her guest lecturer opportunities at Universities where she can pass on her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to aspiring students. Her lively presentations are well received.

Public access – The new way of providing affordable legal services

Following the introduction of legislation in 2013, many people ceased to be eligible for legal aid in family law cases, overnight. Jane considered the alternatives to ensure that individuals with family law issues continue to have access to a family law barrister, who is approachable and affordable. As a result, she was trained on the Bar Council’s Public Access Course. The public access scheme is relatively new. In the past, in order to use the services of a barrister it was necessary to instruct a solicitor from the start or early on in the case. The barrister was instructed further down the line. It was not unusual for the client and the barrister to meet for the first time on the day of the hearing. That was far from ideal. Under the public access scheme, Jane is contacted by individuals often at an early stage of their case. The public access rules permit Jane to provide advice and representation to those who choose to manage their own case on a day to day basis and who choose to instruct her at particular stages of their case. In this way, Jane’s clients remain in control of their case. They have a clear overview and they can make informed decisions at every stage of the proceedings. The public access scheme does not suit everyone.

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You will be fully supported and in control of your case at every stage.

Jane is authorised to practise by the Bar Council and is regulated by the Bar Standards Board. She has a right of audience in every court in England and Wales. Jane can be contacted via the Bar Council Public Access Register.

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